Start Eating Right With These Cooking Apps

Faced with dwindling funds, many Aussies are turning to Android cooking apps to save money. This isn’t surprising, since Australians are literally eating away at their savings. Thanks to a slew of easy online ordering options, CBA customers spend over $640 million a month on eating out. That breaks down to $80 a week for every Australian adult, which is up from $63 in 2010. Spending a staggering $100 per week, millenials are leading this trend. This is due to the fact that using PayWave and ApplePay makes it easier to indulge in takeout food without thinking twice.

As the consequences of abandoning the kitchen affects more people, the public’s attention is focusing on cooking apps. While Australia’s takeout food epidemic is instigated by apps, they are now part of the solution. By downloading the right cooking app, users get instant access to the diverse food options that they are used to. The sky is the limit when it comes to picking recipes, since no plate is too exotic to be explained. This familiar setup and nearly unlimited amount of recipes is enticing Australians to get reacquainted with their kitchens.

Unfortunately, the amount of Android cooking apps is growing just as fast as the number of users searching for them. What used to be a fringe niche has transformed into one of the most booming faucets of the App Store. Every week another enticing cooking app is released, which makes finding the best programs overwhelming for cooking novices. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best Android cooking apps. Knowing how to cook is a rite of passage for any responsible adult, so start saving money by examining this list!

Top Cooking Apps in 2018

Cooking Apps
Enjoy the best completely free cooking app.

Cooking App #3: Kitchen Stories – For those who are looking for a free crash course on cooking, this app is a godsend. Kitchen Stories provides a slew of recipes that are explained in explicit detail. From HD video guides to kitchen maintenance tips and tricks, no detail about the recipe is ignored. They even auto-generate shopping lists and convert measurements for international meals. Users can also bookmark their favorite recipes so they can cook them when they have time. Overall this app is the perfect introduction to the vibrant world of online recipes!

Cooking Apps
Get access to a huge social network.

Cooking App #2: Allrecipes Dinner Spinner – Boasting a huge amount of recipes and a flashy theme, this app is making cooking fun again. Users can search recipes by keywords and exclude or include ingredients based on their dietary needs. The best part is, this app gets smarter the more you use it. As users follow cooks, the app suggests new recipes based on previous preferences. The app also suggest recipes based on what’s on sale at the stores they visit.

After choosing from one of their 1,000+ video recipes, users can post dishes they made in the I Made It area. This innovative mixture of social interaction and improved search options has proven to be a winning combination. Their robust community currently exceeds 30 million cooks-in-training, so don’t hesitate to join their culinary revolution!

Cooking Apps
This app’s selection of recipes is unmatched.

Cooking App #1: BigOven – This app is so revered by cooks that it has garnered praise from Martha Stewart. With a staggering selection of 350,000+ recipes, it’s impossible not to find what you’re craving. From compiling grocery lists to utilizing leftovers, nothing is neglected. Each recipe is explained in vivid detail, and users can interact and share meals on their forum. For those who want access to even more features, the premium version of the app costs $1.99 a month. Cooking at home saves a lot more than that, so join the 13 million people who are unleashing their inner-chef!

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