Samsung’s New Memory Chips Pave Way for VR

Memory Chips
Samsung is taking smartphone memory capacity to a whole new level with their new memory chips.

Thanks to Samsung’s new memory chips, this year smartphones will have the same amount of memory as PC’s. The cellphone giant has started mass producing 256GB embedded chips to allow their new line of cellphones to store VR video. These massive memory chips will easily be able to accommodate 4k videos, as well as tackling behemoth 360 degree video. It’s no secret that Samsung’s recent interest in beefed up memory chips was sparked by their foray into 360 degree video cameras. They recently unveiled their very own 360 degree video camera, the Gear 360. This brilliant camera effortlessly streams to the Galaxy S7 & the Galaxy S7 Edge, which is why bigger memory chips are a must for smartphones. Samsung rightfully predicted that as the recording capabilities of smartphones grow, so will the demand for improved memory chips.

Samsung Prepares for VR Revolution With Bigger Memory Chips

Samsung is paving the way for mass storage on smartphones with the production of their expanded memory chips. This year they are upping the ante by doubling the size of their memory chips to a whopping 256GB. They accomplished this incredible feat by utilizing the Universal Flash Storage 2.0 standard. This will allow them to read data twice as fast as the typical SATA-based SSD’s that can only read 850MB per second. The write speed is slightly less impressive, with write speeds tapering off at 250MB per second. Samsung has also doubled the speed of the last gen UFS memory by harnessing the potential of 45,000 IOPS. The impressive storage capacity of these chips will allow users to easily store heavy 4K movies as well as 360 Degree movies. Thanks to the new USB 3.0 interface transfers of these huge files will be a breeze.

Samsung’s aggressive campaign to enhance smartphone storage capacities directly related to the release of their 360 degree camera. The Gear 360 is a peculiar shaped camera that looks like a webcam attached to a portal turret. But don’t let its appearance fool you, this camera is packed with enough cutting edge technology to win over even the feistiest techie. Built around two 15-megapixel sensors, the Gear 360 rotates on a mini tripod to give seamless 360 degree video. It’s easy to use & captures even the minutest detail. The best part is that the video captured on the Gear 360 is instantly streamed to your smartphone. Combining the camera with the Galaxy S7 gives you brilliant slices of VR in just seconds. This camera is pioneering new ways for normal people to create their own VR.

These two groundbreaking developments are painting a bright future for VR use on smartphones. With the new & improved memory chips smartphones will finally be able to store the massive amount of data required by VR video. Samsung has also strategically placed itself on the fore front of personal VR recording with the Gear 360. Now that mass storage on smartphones is finally possible, we are sure to see a flood of exciting new developments.

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