Samsung is Ending the Note 7 Disaster

The Note 7 disaster is finally coming to an end. After more replacements caught fire, Samsung has officially pulled the plug on the Note 7. This marks the end of one of the most catastrophic releases in the company’s history. In total the Note 7 has wiped $17 billion off of Samsung’s market value, causing their shares to fall 9.9%. Even though the company’s stocks have slid, this was probably the best move. The Korean giant made the controversial decision in an attempt to salvage their reputation. After putting hundreds of employees on the case, the reason for the overheating continues to elude them.

Since they can’t fix the problem, the best option is to discontinue the product. Ironically despite the multiple recalls, many are still using the Note 7. Hopefully they heed Samsung’s warnings & turn them in before more incidents occur. The Note 7 disaster won’t be over until all the phones have been returned.

The Note 7 has Finally Been Laid to Rest

note 7
Good riddance to this modern tragedy.

Even after having hundreds of employees look into it, the cause of the Note 7 fires remains a mystery. Initially the problem was linked to faulty lithium ion batteries. Samsung switched to a new battery manufacturer after the first September 2nd recall. Thinking that the batteries were the root of the problem, replacement phones received a software update to limit charging. The replacement phones were equipped with a green charging icon to help customers identify safe phones. Despite the bad press, the replacement Note 7’s continued to fly off the shelves.

Unfortunately, these revisions haven’t stopped replacement Note 7’s from bursting into flames. Since the September 15th recall announcement there have been a total of 23 reports of overheating. This brings the total of flaming Note 7’s to 96 in the US alone. Out of these infernos Samsung has received 13 reports of burns & 47 reports of property damage. Replacement Note 7’s have even caught fire on planes, burning the floorboards & carpet of the aircraft. All these incidents have made it illegal to use Note 7’s on planes in the US.

note 7 disaster
Many people are still using these dangerous phones.

Faced with a new wave of burning phones, Samsung urged users to turn in their Note 7’s. They disconnected production of the fateful model & pleaded with customers to return their phones. Despite this new recall, 40% of customers are defying this recall. Out of the 2.5 million units sold, over 1 million Note 7’s are still in use around the world. This puts usage at a 7% higher rate than on the date of the first recall.

It’s understandable that some die hard fans refuse to part with their phones, but it isn’t worth it. The problem with the Note 7’s still hasn’t been identified. This means that these phones could become more dangerous over time. If Samsung has thrown in the towel, you should heed their warnings & get rid of your Note 7. Even though these phones are gorgeous, they are unpredictable & could overheat at any time. It’s not worth the possibility of your home going up in flames. Do your family a favor & pick a safer option for your mobile needs.

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