Our Samsung Best Phablet Pick in 2014


Fewer people than ever before are using their desktops as their main computers. Laptops are always the top choice for people that need a computer. Instead people are turning to smartphones and tablet computers as their main computer devices. These devices allow people to access the internet anywhere they are. They use applications that allow them to enjoy games, access entertainment and many other things.

Smartphones and tablets offer many advantages over the desktops and the laptop computers. They are smaller and lightweight. Their batteries can last much longer than other types of computers. They are easy to use on the go, yet they are powerful enough to use in the home for many needs. It should be clear to most people that these two devices are going to become even more popular in the future. For some people there is another option to consider.

A phablet combines the best of both worlds. It works as a phone and as a tablet computer. A phablet has a bigger screen than most phones, yet the screen is not as large as some tablets. It offers a combination of the functions of both the phones and the tablet computers. The first Phablet that most people saw was the Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011. It is not hard to understand why Samsung is still a leader in the field. Some are wondering what the best Samsung Phablet pick is for 2014.

  • Samsung Galaxy Mega – This phablet is designed to give people the big screen they want without paying the big price of other phablets. It offers a 6.3 inch screen, but it 9s not perfect. The resolution is not as good as some may want and it only has 8GB of storage. This may not be enough memory for some people.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – The second version of the phablet, this has a 5.5 inch screen with 1280X720 resolution. It has a 1.6 GHz processor and it is still small enough to fit into the pocket.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – The best just keep getting better. The screen size of this phablet is 5.7 inches. A little bit bigger, but still not too big to function as a phone. There phablet is mostly screen, there is little wasted space. This makes this phablet still very compact despite the bigger screen size. The resolution of the screen is the best around. It offers 1920X1080 pixels. That provides a crystal clear image when it is being watched. It has 3GB of ram and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset which makes it fast and reliable.

There are other makers that have phablets. They will claim that they offer faster phablets, phablets that have bigger screens or some other feature. The fact is that Samsung Phablets are still leading the industry. They have improved their phablets by coming up with new features that continue to make each version better than the last. Other phablets are just copying what Samsung has already put into their phablets. They were the innovator in the market in 2011 and there is no reason to expect that it will change in 2014 or later.

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