What Samsung Apps are Available for TV – the Best Samsung TV APPS?

Samsung Applications for TV

The technology has changed drastically in the last few years and this change was definitely a positive one. While in the past you needed to surf through the channels in order to find the one you wanted to watch, nowadays there are specific applications which help you easily and quickly find the channels of your choice.



Are you the owner of such a Smart TV and don’t know which applications are the best for your Samsung TV? Here you can find out the answer.

The best Samsung apps

Here you can see a list with the best applications for your Samsung Smart TV:

–          Netflix. This app offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows that you can enjoy watching right on your TV. You need to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to benefit of this app, but the fee grants you unlimited access to Netflix for that month.

–          SyncPlus. This is an app that provides you with interactivity for the TV shows you watch. You can use this app to see different viewer polls, trivia questions, interesting facts and photos of your favorite TV shows.

–          YouTube. We all know what YouTube is, right? However, now you can enjoy watching your favorite videos on YouTube right on your Samsung TV’s screen. You will be able to search through the videos exactly as you would do on your PC.

–          AccuWeather. This app is amazing for finding out what will be the weather in your area. This app automatically recognizes your current location and will display the weather for your town/city. If you wish to get information about the weather in other areas across the country, you can also do it with this app.

What’s best for you

As you can imagine, there are more than just these apps for your Samsung Smart TV. Actually, there are more than 200 apps to choose from and you can find the ones that are most useful and interesting for you. Besides the app which provide streaming video and weather forecast, you can also find specific game app, which allow you to play the games either against the TV, or against your friends.

Closing thoughts

With so many apps to choose from, you will definitely find some that will suit your needs and your preferences. All these Samsung Apps that are available for TV take your user experience to a higher and more enjoyable level.

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