Meet the Most Anticipated Android Games of 2017

This year is going to bring a slew of new Android games, & the timing couldn’t be better. For too long, the App Store has had an edge over the Play Store. To reach a more lucrative audience, developers used to exclusively focus on making iOS apps. This led to Apple users enjoying a better selection of apps than Android users. In the last few years, that has changed dramatically. As more companies offer viable alternatives to iPhones, the tide has shifted. Now that Apple isn’t the only company making quality smartphones, people are switching over to Android.

The Play Store hasn’t just caught up to the App Store, in many ways it has surpassed it. Each year, a staggering amount of games are released for Android. Anything that iPhone users enjoy is now available for Android. This means that all the quality apps are offered on more affordable smartphones. The amount of new games is overwhelming, so finding the best ones can be a daunting task. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most anticipated Android games of 2017. Keep your eyes peeled for these releases, they are going to be game changers!

Most Anticipated Android Games of 2017

Android Games
Take on other beauties!

Android Game #3: Skullgirls Mobile – Reverge Labs got creative & came up with an epic team combat game. This 3 on 3 fighting game is based on Marvel vs Capcom, but the characters are a lot more seductive. Skullgirls is out to prove that scantily clad girls can still kick some ass. These girls may be voluptuous, but each one boasts a different set of dangerous attributes.

The game is guaranteed to be full of surprises, since it packs an RPG touch. As players advance, they can equip their Skullgirl with new moves & equipment. This game has already developed a cult following, so don’t miss out on the action!

Android Games
Fight dinosaurs & other tribes with this wild game!

Android Game #2: Durango – Imagine a world where humans had to survive amongst dinasours. This game may seem like a rip-off of Jurassic Park, but there are some key differences. In this game, there’s no company playing with genetics. Humans just happen to be living in the same era as dinosaurs, & the conflict is never ending. On top of having to form tribes & forage for food, humans have to survive T-Rex attacks. To make things even more complex, warring tribes make sure that there is no peace.

This is going to be yet another brilliant release from Nexon Korea. They have already shaken up the industry with Maple Story. While this is wildly different, it’s still an interesting concept that’s guaranteed to deliver epic gameplay.

Android Games
This game puts players off to the races!

Android Game #1: Super Mario Run – It’s no surprise that this game is poised to steal the show in 2017. Based on the wildly successful franchise’s classic formula, this version features a big twist. Instead of being able to take your time, users will literally be running around the clock. In this game, Mario will be running on his own & it’s up to players to time his jumps. This added sense of urgency promises to provide a fresh look at a timeless classic.

The gameplay will be noticeably different, but it will still feature enough familiar traits to win over die-hard fans. Nintendo is switching up the control scheme, but it should be perfect for mobile phones. There will also be a time trial mode where users can try to beat other player’s record times. It will be interesting to see how this game holds up to other versions. For this reason, this fast-paced game is ready to take over 2017!

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