Discover the Top 5 Android Tablets for 2016

Android Tablets

Now that the public’s obsession for iPads is starting to wane, it’s opening up doors to a flood of new android tablets. The current onslaught of new tablets is being fueled by the open sourced nature of Google Android OS. Unlike Apple, Android is inviting more companies to try their hand at making a name for themselves in this lucrative market. This open sourcing has sparked a whirlwind of new development that promises to bring spectacular deals for buyers worldwide. Since consumer s are now being bombarded with a tsunami of new options, sometimes it can be overwhelming when picking a new tablet. For this reason we scoured the internet, diligently comparing consumer reviews & tech stats to give you the most comprehensive list of android tablets on the market. If you are contemplating a new tablet do yourself a favor & educate yourself with this eye opening list before you make your next purchase.

Kick Off 2016 With the Best Android Tablets

Tablet #5: Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 – This daring new release by Amazon is taking the tablet market by storm. This tablet boasts a laundry list of new features that would make anyone question why they don’t already own one. When you are gazing into a breathtaking display like this it’s hard not to realize that this tablet was meant for you. Another huge plus for this tablet is it’s incredibly comfortable price.

Tablet #4: Sony Xperia Z4 – Sony is giving iPad Air 2 a run for their money with this groundbreaking new tablet. Weighing in at 398 grams this is one of the lightest tablets on the market. When you combine its gorgeous screen display with its waterproof feature you have a tablet that is fit for a techie king. The only complaints we have is its less than desirable UI performance & high price tag. But these problems pale in comparison with the sheer brilliance of this tablet.

Tablet #3: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro – This innovative tablet has a surprising feature that’s taking Netflix & chill to the next level. If you enjoy watching movies on larger than life projectors, this tablet is for you. It’s equipped with an integrated projector that allows you to bring movies to life wherever you may be. It also has amazing audio strength & a ton of sport related features that makes this tablet one of the most enticing deals of 2016!

Tablet #2: Samsung Galaxy Tab X2 – Samsung has revived the Galaxy tablet with a sleeker & more seductive design. It effortlessly outdoes its predecessors with its Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. But don’t let its sexy design fool you. Even though this tablet is incredibly thin & ultra-light it’s bursting at the seams with enhanced features. The raw power harnessed by this tablet is easily enough to give Apple a run for their money.

Tablet #1: Google Pixel C – Google’s latest masterpiece has been hailed as the best Android tablet on the market. With a cult following pushing it we were somewhat skeptical until we saw it in person. Its stunning screen display can easily seduce anyone into making this tablet their next bed side companion. Throw in its attractive design along with seemingly unbridled power & you have a tablet that would make Steve Jobs turn green with envy.

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