5 Samsung Products That Took ISE 2018 By Storm

Out of all the companies who participated in ISE 2018, Samsung stole the show. Integrated Systems Europe is the largest AV systems integration show in the world, so this was quite the accomplishment. For four days, ISE took over the RAI in Amsterdam with a slew of innovative releases. All the biggest tech companies in the world showcased their prized projects for 2018. It was an epic event that highlighted the latest breakthroughs in technology.

Even though every company brought something interesting, all eyes were on Samsung’s new products. The Korean giant unveiled 5 futuristic solutions that address emerging display needs. The Wall Professional, 3D Cinema LED, Intelligent UHD Displays, IF-D Series LED Signage & Flip Display all provide distinct breakthroughs. To give our readers a taste of what Samsung is preparing for 2018, we decided to highlight these new releases. Prepare to be impressed by these larger-than-life displays!

Top Samsung Releases From ISE 2018

ISE 2018
This release turned heads at ISE 2018.

Product #1: The Wall Professional – Out of all the releases this year, The Wall Professional created the most hysteria. This business ready display sports a shocking 146-inch screen that can be fully customized. Users can add or remove unlimited LED screens to The Wall Professional without affecting its performance. What makes this display especially vibrant is the display’s self-emitting MicroLED pixel modules. These produce brilliant imagery that’s been freed of color filters and backlighting. The elevated peak brightness reaches 1,600nit, which provides a shocking contrast ratio.

This is the latest upgrade to last year’s MagicInfo content management platform. It allows users to create, schedule and post content across the display from any location. This is a game changer for small scale advertising, which is why it received so much attention at ISE.

ISE 2018
This screen aims to revolutionize cinemas.

Product #2: 3D Cinema LED – This release made history, since it’s the first 3D Cinema LED screen in the world. It sports an enhanced display that maintains consistent brightness, no matter what’s displayed on screen. This allows viewers to enjoy visual details with 3D glasses that can’t be found in any other LED display. These quality enhancing features can be projected throughout an entire theater so no one misses out on the action.

Product #3: Intelligent UHD Displays – In this category, Samsung added two promising releases. The QM and QB Series are UHD displays with an added layer of integrated conversion. This automatically upgrades FHD materials to provide clearer UHD quality. These allow businesses to get their messages across in the most captivating way possible.

ISE 2018
Curved displays have never looked this vibrant!

Product #4: IF-D Series LED Signage – Now businesses have a breathtaking way to seduce new customers. The IF-D Series aftfully blends Samsung’s video processing tools with HDR picture refinement. This creates stunning visuals that manage to shine on white or dark backgrounds. In total the peak brightness levels reach 2,400nit, while scene-by-scene gradation is optimized by Scene Adaptive HDR technology. The best part about this product is the ability to warp its appearance. This model is extremely flexible and can adapt curved compositions with concave and convex implementations.

Product #5: Flip Display – This interactive digital flip chart aims to revolutionize business meetings. This year it took home two awards, emerging victorious at Commercial Digital Signage Solutions: Software and Commercial Digital Signage Solutions: Hardware. This epic introduction at ISE 2018 was the perfect way to introduce it to European markets.

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