5 Best Samsung Phones Released in 2015


There are many smartphone companies, but none have given Apple a run for their money more than Samsung. 2015 has been a banner year for Samsung, who has repeatedly demonstrated their prowess for creating awesome smartphones. From the Galaxy S series to the Galaxy note, they have shown a talent for versatility that has made them a household name. With so many options & varying opinions it can be hard to pick which Samsung phone is perfect for you. We decided to make your decision a whole lot easier by highlighting the best Samsung phones available. All the data has been collected by fellow consumers so in this article you will get nothing but the raw details of which cellphones went above & beyond the call of duty.

#5. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime – This smartphone lives up to its outrageous name & gives users an experience that will make them celebrate their pick. What user’s like most about this phone is its powerful selfie camera. While most cellphones only have a measly 3 megapixel selfie camera the Grand Prime went overboard & features a 5 megapixel selfie camera. Throw in the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is a dual-SIM Android that runs on mid-range hardware (1.2GHz, quad-core with 1GB RAM) & you have a phone that anyone could fall in love with.

#4. Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport – For those of you who are on your way to the gym, this smartphone is for you. Samsung teamed up with Sprint to give athletes a phone that can keep up with their fast paced lifestyles. This is a sexier reinvention of the Samsung’s Galaxy S5 flagship & gives you the feel that this phone is ready for the outdoors. The all new IP67-certified casing, Side Grip Enhancements and MapMyFitness app make this smartphone perfect for anyone who is passionate about fitness.

#3. Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo – After the dust settled from the historic release of the Galaxy S6 models Samsung decided to make our lives even better by throwing this phone in the mix for 2015. Basically the S5 Neo is an innovative reinvention of the 2014 Galaxy S5. The S5 model is back with a vengeance & is equipped with a host of cool features. Equipped with an impressive 1.6GHz octa-core CPU (2GB RAM) and a 5-megapixel selfie camera, this smartphone is ready to dodge bullets & become your new best friend.

#2. Samsung Galaxy S6 – This legendary smartphone is the highly anticipated 6th installment to the Galaxy S flagship. They held nothing back with decking out this phone with enough cool features to make techies around the world drool. They have even claimed that Samsung Play out does Apple’s version because of their new feature allowing full functionality without NFC. It’s also the first of it’s kind with built in wireless charging & also sports scratch resistant gorilla glass.

#1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Active – Those who live their life on the go will be instantly seduced by this innovative version of the Galaxy S6. They have given the S6 a Rambo like makeover, giving it full protection from both water & dust. The 3500mAh battery power boasted by this elegant beast is one of the highest capacities ever seen on a Samsung phone. Since this beefed up phone has all the features that we love from the S6, it’s hard to find a reason not to make this your next smartphone.

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