4 Ways to Get the Best of Galaxy Note9’s S Pen


4 Ways to Get the Best of Galaxy Note9’s S Pen 1

The Galaxy Note9 was programmed to provide the users the highest level of power and performance they expect to get the most out of their work, play and everything in and around. The fact is, no feature embodies this all-encompassing approach to productivity as strongly as the Galaxy Note series’ signature stylus: the S Pen.

Over the years, Samsung has improved and empowered the smartphones’ trademark tool with innovative efforts that have changed the way users organize their mobile lives. Let’s find out how to facilitate the S Pen’s new Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) connectivity and other features to enjoy a more fun-filled mobile experience.

  1. Customize Clicks for S Pen’s Remote Control Function

Customize Clicks for S Pen’s Remote Control Function

The new BLE technology converts the S Pen into a handy remote control allowing the users to manage a range of functions and apps from within 10 meters of their device.

You can customize the clicks of the S Pen’s button to get particular actions done within specific apps. You can define different actions for single clicks and double clicks while holding down the pen button to open other apps and the S Pen features. You can also operate the camera by holding down the S Pen’s button. By clicking once you can take a picture and clicking twice can switch cameras, without the need to touch the smartphone’s screen at all.

You can use the S Pen’s single and double press functions for more than 10 apps and is predicted to enhance to further apps. You are free to pick and choose which remote control functions you’d like to activate by browsing the S Pen’s settings.

  1. Stimulate your Creative Juice with Photo Drawing and Live Drawing

Stimulate your Creative Juice with Photo Drawing and Live Drawing

You can even flaunt your creativity and fine-tune your artistic skills using the Galaxy Note9’s new Photo Drawing and Live Drawing features that offer simple tools. It is a mix of social network and Photo Drawing artwork that allows you to draw images using the S Pen as you do with a sheet of tracing paper. Once done, you can delete the original photo or drawing and save your new art separately.

Live Drawing allows you to use a wide selection of step-by-step tutorials that offer simple steps for drawing anything from everyday substances to amazing characters and scenic landscapes. The instruction makes it easy for you to watch how exactly which colors and brushes the artists used, and you can also follow the trace, scenes, and characters to practice drawing them for a better hand.

  1. Use other S Pen Functions


Use other S Pen Functions

This Galaxy Note9’s S Pen also includes a great collection of fan-favorite features that has allowed Galaxy Note users all over the world to experience new levels of convenience in their day to day lives.

Screen off memo is a user-friendly and favorite feature ever since it was introduced with the Galaxy Note5. It helps you write down notes or ideas when you need by writing directly on your device’s off-screen. This gets pinned to AOD (Always On Display) and instantly get saved in Samsung Notes.

This time Galaxy Note9 has made Screen off memos more effective by incorporating color into the mix. Now, when writing, the S Pen’s markings match the color of the S Pen itself—either lavender purple, yellow, light gray, or metallic copper.

Its Air command feature helps you access some of its most convenient functions. You can customize this feature with S Pen and shortcuts. These functions may include Smart select that helps you select, clip and collect content in one move with the S Pen in an expected shape, and the Translate feature that lets you highlight and translate text on the screen, and many more.

Air view is yet another easy function offering insight into your phone’s content, simply by hovering the S Pen over the device.

  1. More Amazing Emojis

More Amazing Emojis

Just been introduced in the Galaxy Note8, Live message allows you to easily send handwritten notes, create a desired emoticon and make animated GIFs. This feature got three new pen effects now counting the total number to six effects, and various pen colors to select from. You can also add a live message to your AR Emoji Stickers making it more personalized.

Samsung’s augmented reality-based emoji feature uses machine learning and facial recognition technology to develop a 3D model that matches your facial expressions.


With so many innovative features included to enhance your work and play, the S Pen for the Galaxy Note9 has rediscovered your mobile lifestyle.

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