2015’s Top 6 Inventions That are Changing the World


2015 has been an exciting year; so far we have seen a number of innovative inventions being unveiled that have the potential to revolutionize the world as we know it. From leaps in social progression to impressive technological advances we are now at the vanguard of a new era. Luckily for us in these changing times technology is evolving at an even faster pace. This couldn’t have come at a better time since a wide variety of problems ranging from environmental to social need to be addressed. These 6 new inventions have the potential to help usher in a new era of understanding and problem solving.

#6. Facial Recognition Software – The days of trying to remember your password are numbered and will soon be replaced by facial recognition software. This transition is already well underway with Amazon allowing users to log in and make purchases with their finger print on their smartphones. Microsoft’s Windows Hello is the true pioneer of this trend by allowing users to register with a scan of their face, finger print or eye.

#5. Glasses That Fix Color Blindness – Thousands of color blind people are finally able to see the vibrant colors around them thanks to Enchroma’s brilliant new line of sunglasses. These impressive glasses selectively block out certain regions of the light spectrum, which allows the wearer to have a restored vision of the colors green, red & blue. This invention is giving people the ability to see the true beauty of the world that we live in.

#4. Police Body Cameras – In response the shocking controversy surrounding the recent rise in killings of unarmed African Americans by police officers people have demanded that changes be made. The Obama Administration pledged $20 million to start equipping police with body cameras. This movement is gaining traction with 7 states following suit and fitting their officers with body cameras. These cameras aim to hold police accountable for their actions & have already aided in the prosecution of a white police officer who murdered an unarmed black man during a traffic stop in Ohio. These cameras have the potential to lift the veil of impunity that local police have been using to abuse & murder unarmed minorities.

#3. India Reaches Mars on Tight Budget – India dropped the jaws of experts around the world when they put a space probe in orbit around Mars at a fraction of the cost of what America spent. The probe successfully made the millions of mile journey for only $74 million. That’s ten times less than what was allotted to the US Mars orbiter mission. This proud achievement shows that there is hope for us to start reaching planets that were previously thought impossible. We are starting with probes & will not stop until we colonize another planet.

#2. Genetically Modified Mosquitoes – Pharmaceutical pioneer Oxitec is using genetically modified mosquitoes to combat dengue and chikungunya. These lab created mosquitoes are released into the wild where they mate with virus carrying mosquitoes. This transfer of genes makes the offspring die before they grow old enough to reproduce. So far 100 million of these “friendly mosquitoes” have been let loose in field trials in Panama, the Cayman Islands, and Brazil. They have successfully reduced target mosquito populations by more than 90% in each case.

#1. The Omni Processor – The Omni Processor is arguably one of the best inventions of 2015. It has the capability of turning 14 tons of raw sewage into renewable energy and drinking water each day. It’s the future of sanitation and is finally making it worth people’s while to clean out the sewage systems in undeveloped countries. This machine will make it profitable for people to sell feces collected from overrun sewage systems to the Omni Processor operators. It creates a perfect balance since they will then use the feces to create potable drinking water and electricity that they can sell to keep the process going.

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