5 Tablet Games That are Taking 2016 by Storm

In recent years gaming technology has rapidly evolved, & mobile games are no exception. When you compare the latest wave of Android games to what was offered just a few years ago you will be blown away. We have come a long way from Nokia’s Snake, now our smartphones & tablets are lit up with jaw dropping entertainment. Android games feature sensational graphics & intriguing new releases from the biggest names in the industry. And what better way to enjoy them then on the glowing screen of a tablet! Now that you have your new Samsung Tablet you can explore a whole new frontier of mind blowing games.

Having a tablet is one thing, knowing what games are worth your time is a whole different ball game. Save yourself hours of trial & error by going with games that have made a name for themselves. We went through & found the hottest games on the market so you can pack your tablet with nothing but the best. Take advantage of our industry insight & let this list guide you to your next favorite game!

Top 5 Tablet Games for 2016

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Badland is an adventure packed wonderland!

Game #5: Badland – This side scrolling adventure is taking the industry by storm! Once you start playing it you are instantly immersed in a world where danger lurks at every turn. Avoid destruction by dodging obstacles & take back what’s yours. This instant classic features real-time multiplayer action, an intense adventure mode & allows you to create your own levels.


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Battle your friends with Clash of Clans!

Game #4: Clash of Clans – Unleash your inner warrior with this action packed game. This franchise’s vibrant multiplayer options gave birth to an entire subculture. There are hundreds of YouTube videos dedicated to guiding your clan to victory. With so many online guides you can choose whether to dominate single player mode or participate in epic clan wars against your friends. Once you start playing it’s easy to see why this game has exploded in popularity.

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Hop in the drivers seat of the world’s most exotic cars with Asphalt 8: Airborne!

Game #3: Asphalt 8: Airborne – In a world full of racing games, Asphalt 8: Airborne easily stands out. This game’s impressive popularity is fueled by its seemingly endless supply of content. Its bursting at the seams with single player campaigns, time trials, multi-player races, awesome updates & surprising unlockable content. Throw in the fact that the graphics are great & you have a game that will sweep you off your feet & into the front seat of a race car going full throttle!

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Bring your tablet to life with this intense classic!

Game #2: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – What type of list would this be without GTA being represented? This game captivated the imagination of millions on PlayStation & is now taking over our smartphones & tablets with its unmatched hardcore gameplay! It features days worth of story line adventure as well as improved graphics. This gigantic game offers a cornucopia of mayhem that will take your breath away!

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Build your own world with this hands on game!

Game #1: Minecraft: Pocket Edition – Ever since its release this game has swept gamers from around the world off of their feet. Its raging popularity is due to its unlimited potential. In the game you can do anything from building empires to surviving off of the land. Minecraft allows you to let your imagination run wild as you build, mine & destroy anything. You can choose between testing your skills with the survival mode or pushing the limits with unlimited resources in creative mode. Jump onboard this gaming revolution!

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